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learn spanish fast

Learn Spanish fast

Our FREE online Spanish course is perfect for students of any level. Everything required to learn and practice Spanish from beginner to advanced level is provided and we are here to support you every step of the way. We are also available for live online classes and/or personal tutoring.

15 years experience

20 years experience

We have been creating Spanish courses and teaching Spanish face-to-face and online for 20 years and are fully qualified, bilingual language teachers. We know how to learn a second language and will pass on the best ways to help you speak, write, read, and understand Spanish.

friendly support

Friendly support

We are here to support you. You can message, phone, or email us anytime and you can also post a comment here on the website to discuss things from the course with fellow students. We are also available for live online classes and/or personal tutoring if you would like extra practice.

Laura & Adam

Your FREE online Spanish course has been created by Laura and Adam and they are always at hand to support you via the website contact form, phone, or email. They are also available for live online classes and/or personal tutoring if you would like extra practice.

Both Laura and Adam qualified as foreign language teachers in 2004 and since then have been teaching Spanish in Spain, the UK, and online. Laura is from Bilbao in northern Spain and Adam is from Devon in the south of England. They lived together in Spain for over 10 years, where their 2 daughters were born, and now they live in Scotland.

Laura & Adam

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Why learn with us?


Personal support

We pride ourselves on the support we provide and are available by message, phone, and email.


20 years teaching experience

We have both have been creating courses and teaching for 20 years and know how to help you learn Spanish fast!


Bilingual Spanish-English Teachers

Laura is a native Spanish-speaker who speaks fluent English. Adam is a native English speaker who speaks fluent Spanish.


Beginner to advanced levels

Whether you are a complete beginner or already know some Spanish, we will be able to take you on to the highest level.


Fun and easy-to-follow

Learn at your own pace with clear explanations of all the key skills and practice through listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


Comprehensive curriculum

All the information required to learn Spanish to an advanced level explained and presented clearly and simply


Extra options for extra practice

We offer extra written tasks that can be returned to us for corrections and suggestions and live online classes.

I have found Laura and Adam’s Spanish courses a tremendous help with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I have over the years tried various Spanish books and CDs but none have been as easy to follow and helpful as these Spanish courses.

Martin Russell

Laura teaches in a simple but very informative way. I am impressed by how clearly everything is explained and every time I ask a question I receive a quick reply. Laura is a great educator.

Niña Theresa S. Parreño

I have found that Laura and Adam’s courses are very clear and focused. I have achieved great success in my understanding and my conversation really quickly.

David Huck

Laura´s lessons are so clear, and her diction is so precise. I’ve tried lots of different language learning sources but Laura´s personal touch and experience makes these courses superior to everything I have tried.

Barbara Bartlett

Our curriculum

Have you learned some Spanish before? Are you a complete beginner? Our course is perfect for every student and we can take you on to advanced level Spanish. Start learning with us at whichever level suits you best!

Structure of the courses

Fun and easy-to-follow material presented in English, with Spanish examples throughout. More and more Spanish content is introduced as students progress through the courses with the final levels presented entirely in Spanish.

Clear explanations

Each topic is thoroughly explained with lots of example sentences and relevant vocabulary to clarify and reinforce what you are learning.


Listening exercises

Conversations in Spanish between Laura and Adam to practice what is being learned in each topic and build your listening comprehension skills.

Pronunciation practice

Listen to Laura pronouncing the key vocabulary and phrases from each topic and repeat along with her to improve your Spanish pronunciation.


Writing exercises

Build your writing skills in Spanish with these exercises to test, practice, and reinforce the information that has been learned in each topic.


Reading exercises

Spanish texts relevant to each topic for you to read and see how much you can follow before referring to the English translations provided.


Interactive revision

Interactive audio revision exercises with Laura for you to join in with and test yourself on what you have been learning in each topic.



Can I learn with you for free?

Yes. We offer a comprehensive and clear Spanish course from beginner to advanced level that you can enjoy completely free of charge.


Do I need any other learning material?

You should be regularly referring to a Spanish-English dictionary. This can be a book, app or website, whatever you find most comfortable. Apart from this we don’t recommend you use any other learning material as you can easily get bogged down and confused by too many books, apps, videos, mp3s, etc. We will provide you with all you need to learn Spanish.


How are the courses presented?

Topics consists of clearly explained written information, pronunciation practice exercises, audio conversation listening exercises, reading comprehension exercises, interactive speaking exercises, and writing exercises.


What support do I receive?

You can ask any questions via message or email and you can speak to Laura or Adam by phone or Whatsapp. We pride ourselves on the support we provide.


How long are the courses?

Each level (beginner through to advanced) has 30 topics. On average, students take around 1 week to complete each topic, but you study at your own pace.


Is everything in Spanish?

Course information is presented in English, with Spanish examples throughout. More and more Spanish content is introduced as students progress through the courses from beginner to advanced levels. 


Do you offer live online Spanish classes

Yes. We teach one-to-one live online Spanish classes by video conference. Please get in touch if you would like to try a free online class.


Do you offer corrected written assignments?

Yes. If you would like extra written practice, please get in touch and we can start sending you tasks to complete in writing which you can send back to us for correcting.


I have never learned a foreign language before. Will I be able to learn Spanish?

Yes. You will! Everyone can learn a foreign language and we know how to help you learn Spanish! You just have to stick at it.

Start learning Spanish with us today!

We would love you to start learning Spanish with us and are totally confident we can take you on to the highest level and help you really enjoy learning and using this wonderful language.