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What people are saying

“Laura introduces me to the different subjects and grammar in a very smooth and interesting way. Always with a good sense of humour and with a pronunciation so clear​.”

Magne Lystad

“I have made good progress with the course and really like Laura’s method of teaching. It makes learning the language much more enjoyable​.”

Ivan Morrow

“I would like to thank Laura for her continued support. My understanding of the Spanish language has increased greatly. She is an excellent teacher and this is the best way to learn Spanish.”

Harry Lloyd

“I have been attending Adam and Laura’s Spanish classes for nearly a year and they have far exceeded my expectations. The classes are friendly, fun, engaging and well structured and I have been really pleased with my progress learning the language. A highlight of my week!”

Emily Cropton

“I highly recommend Marchando Spanish. I’ve been working with ‘the Beginners’ now for two terms and am surprised at the speed we have learned things, so much so I can now feel much more confident in communicating when in Spain. Adam is a skilled teacher who makes meetings fun and varied, and is always there even out of the lesson if we have any queries. The website is excellent and it allows you to learn at your own pace. It has been so nice to make new friends and acquaintances in our weekly meetings. For anyone who’s serious about learning Spanish, or even just for fun, there‘s no better way to learn than with the professional and holistic support from Marchando Spanish.”

Mark Taylor

“I sincerely recommend Spanish classes run by Adam and Laura. They are informative and fun, well-structured and relaxed, rich in new material – vocabulary, grammar, new constructs – and at the same time relaxed and unpressurised. In every session we have games, jokes and a lot of laughter, making Spanish classes one of the highlights of my week. The groups are small and the participants are supportive of one another. You learn easily and progress steadily. Five stars!”

Magdalena Thomson

“Before joining Adam & Laura’s Beginner’s course I used Duolingo. Since starting the course I believe I have progressed by leaps & bounds. I am now looking forward to the Pre Intermediate course. Thank you for all your support & help.”

Stuart Muir

“John and I found Adam to be a very helpful and approachable tutor, with each week learning new verbs and vocabulary. Although the lessons could be challenging, Adam always made it fun and encouraged our efforts.”

Catriona & John Gibson

“I have just completed the beginners’ course.  Adam is an excellent teacher.  He puts us all at ease and makes the classes fun by using games, quizzes and props.  If like me, languages do not come easily, this is the class for you because of the informality and the way he sets the pace and provides support.  If I have missed a class Adam has emailed me with the relevant notes.  He is very encouraging to the students.”

Robert Swift

“I highly recommend Laura and Adam’s Spanish Courses. They are very professional, straightfoward, and incredible value.​ Laura’s pronunciation really brings out the beauty and rhythm of the Spanish language. Her grammar explanations are succinct and she has you speaking immediately, from the very first lesson. If you are serious about learning all of the skills needed to be fluent in Spanish, these are the Spanish courses for you!”

Cheryl Holden

“The further that I get into teaching myself Spanish, the more stuff I find, but these are by far the best online courses I have come across. Laura truly wants to teach Spanish and I believe that it comes from the heart. Thank you so much.​”

Ken Corder

“I lived in Spain and in Mexico more than 10 years ago now, and I have not been able remain very fluent in conversational Spanish. I have tried several methods of listening to Spanish programs to obtain practice, none of which worked very well. I have found that Laura and Adam’s courses are very clear and focused. I have achieved great success in my understanding and my conversation really quickly…Muchisimas Gracias!”

David Huck

“Laura and Adam’s Spanish courses come in very convenient bite sizes, and are well structured for progression. I am particularly thankful for Laura’s clear pronunciation: I have even been complimented on my accent by native Spanish speakers! To find such an excellent Spanish course at a truly amazing price has been extremely helpful to me.”

Tim Sprod

“I love Laura’s Spanish courses. Her teaching and pronunciation of the words and explanation of verbs, conjugations etc have helped me greatly in understanding this beautiful language. I am using mi Español to converse with my fiancé who is from Spain and his family. I love Laura’s Spanish courses over any others because she teaches practical and useful Spanish.”


“I think EVERYONE who wants to learn Spanish, should take Laura’s Spanish courses. I have tried many others, and Laura’s Spanish lessons are absolutely the best. I’ve just completed the beginner Spanish course. Laura’s method of teaching makes learning Spanish easy. It’s not just memorizing words and phrases; she explains in detail step by step exactly usage of different verbs, adjectives, reflexive verbs, present tense, past tense etc… Laura is an excellent teacher and puts a lot of enthusiasm in every lesson. Laura, I can’t thank you enough for creating these excellent Spanish courses and I’m looking forward to continuing through every level.”

Bill Marvenko

“I have been studying these courses for over a year now and I must say my Spanish has improved dramatically. I am so glad I found Laura’s website. Not to mention everything is great value for money!”

Colin Livesey

“Me encanta todo lo que hacéis. La página web es cada vez mejor. ¡Enhorabuena por la página y todas las lecciones!”

Terry Noonan

“I would like to thank Laura very much. Laura’s Spanish lessons have been very helpful for me. Laura’s teaching style is excellent and I am keen to continue to advanced levels. I’m sure that next time I will write completely in Spanish.”

İbrahim Gün

“I recently started the courses and I am delighted with the instruction and the lesson content. I listen to the lessons every day! I would like to thank Laura so much for the great lessons, her instruction is awesome. She really worked very hard on the series, and it is much appreciated. The lessons are so professional and a pleasure to use.”


“I highly recommend Adam & Laura’s Spanish courses. My teenage daughter started the beginners course and quickly progressed thanks to her tutors Adam & Laura. Having elected to do Spanish at secondary school she has excelled and she is now looking forward to putting to practice what she has learned during our holiday to Spain. The course is excellent value for money. Muchas gracias Adam & Laura.”

Hilary Scott

“Welcoming, friendly and relaxed! An excellent, very well structured course which I can highly recommend.”

Kirsty McIntosh

“I started as a complete beginner and I am very pleased with my progress. If you’re thinking of learning Spanish I can recommend Marchando Spanish. Laura and Adam are lovely and excellent teachers.”

Janet Houten

“Lessons are well-structured and fun.”

Fiona Holmes

“Really enjoying this course. I’m a complete and utter beginner and it’s been a long time since I’ve even attempted another language. Relaxed, friendly, no pressure, and the mixture of audio and written information all works well together.”

Kirsten Anne Walker

“Very well run, fun and relaxed. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start learning Spanish.”

Richard Turton

“Really enjoying the course. Plenty of material. Would definitely recommend.”

Jennifer Welsh

“Thoroughly enjoying the course. It’s my first time learning Spanish and I am building phrases and vocabulary week on week. Adam is an excellent facilitator and is very supportive and encouraging. Would definitely recommend.”

Deborah Armstrong

“Really enjoying the course. I am a complete beginner. Would recommend to anyone looking to be able to make themselves understood in Spain.”

Jacqui Morrison

“A well structured but flexible approach means that these courses cater for the needs of the students. Moving at a pace which suits us means being challenged but not bored. The focus is on talking and listening which was exactly what I was looking for rather than a more academic, writing based course.”

Jacqueline Easton

“Really enjoying. Friendly and informal and learning lots.”

Sue Semple

“I am really enjoying the course and find it really useful. I am not going to pretend it is easy but I am looking forward to continuing next year!”

Elle Cee

“Really positive and fun learning environment!”

Hannah Crawford

“Hola! I love my Spanish – I have been promising myself for years that I would learn – this course is fun and not a bit like being at school! (Oh yes – and you learn a lot too!)”

Valerie Wood

“Friendly and fun. Adam is a great teacher. I already feel like I have learned so much.”

Gillian Bradburn

“Love the course. Very relaxed and fun . Amazing how much I’ve learned already.”

Margaret Anderson

“I thought it would be more difficult to learn another language and have been pleasantly surprised. The course explains everything very clearly.”

Rab Cassidy

“I have found Laura and Adam’s Spanish courses a tremendous help with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I have over the years tried various Spanish books and CDs but none have been as easy to follow and helpful as these Spanish courses.”

Martin Russell

“Laura teaches in a simple but very informative way. I am impressed by how clearly everything is explained and every time I ask a question I receive a quick reply. Laura is a great educator.”

Niña Theresa S. Parreño

“Laura´s lessons are so clear, and her diction is so precise. I’ve tried lots of different language learning sources but Laura´s personal touch and experience makes these courses superior to everything I have tried.”

Barbara Bartlett

“I’m one of a small group of beginners learning Spanish with Adam. Adam is an excellent, gentle and encouraging teacher and he makes the classes fun. Online resources, including audio of Adam & Laura speaking in Spanish, are provided to use between lessons. I haven’t learned a language for many decades and I was quite nervous to start but I am very glad I have. I couldn’t recommend Adam & Laura more highly.”

Linda Kirby

“Adam and Laura are great tutors in Spanish. They provide a relaxed and really friendly way to learn a new language. I would recommend that everyone should try the initial session to get a flavour of the Spanish language. It really is addictive and really helps when visiting a Spanish speaking country.”

Kenneth Scott